Our society has become increasingly multi-lingual and multicultural through the immigration of the last decades. In many places, the focus is therefore on the question of dealing with diversity.


Interbiblio and its member libraries believe that linguistic and cultural diversity is a valuable resource for society. Intercultural libraries are places where diversity is lived and shared.


Intercultural libraries:

  •  are committed to the appreciation of lingual diversity and to curiosity and openness towards different cultures,
  • give the possibility to cultivate and develop language skills by offering multilingual media and projects,
  • place special emphasis on the promotion of the first language of young children and development of language competence,
  • offer media and activities as well as information that supports the learning of the local language and social integration,
  • promote exchanges between people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds,
  • offer a work environment for employees with different linguistic and cultural resources.

The libraries thus make an important contribution to intercultural understanding and to increasing equal opportunities.


Further information, bibliographical references and links:

To promote the first language


The following Bachelor and Master programmes deal with intercultural library work in Switzerland:

Thommen, Delphine: Etat des lieux des bibliothèques interculturelles en Suisse : des facteurs de réussite à la mise en perspective d'une ouverture à Lausanne. Carouge: Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève (HEG-GE), 2018  pdfTravail de Bachelor Thommen


Lorenzo, Sandro: Bibliotheken und Integration. Bachelorarbeit. Chur: Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW), 2016 pdfBA-Thesis Lorenzo


Mennillo, Massimiliano: L’accueil des réfugiés et des requérants d’asile en bibliothèque de lecture publique. Travail de Master. Carouge: Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève (HEG-GE), 2016 pdfTravail de Master Mennillo


Leuenberger, Barbara: Fremde Sprache, fremdes Land: Was nun? Bachelorarbeit. Carouge: Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève (HEG-GE), 2013 pdfBachelorarbeit Leuenberger


Widmer, Andrea: Biblioteche interculturali in Svizzera: nuovo trend ? Tesi di Master. Lugano: Università della Svizzera Italiana, Facoltà di Scienze della comunicazione, 2008 pdftesi Widmer

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