How can libraries and schools help shape our heterogeneous society?
What are the concepts behind the terms "multiculturalism", "interculturalism" and "transculturalism" and how does the concept of diversity differ from these?
Is multilingualism a resource - or a deficit? When is it what and who determines it?
What does it mean when language is usually unreflectively equated with "culture", and when does this become problematic?
What approaches exist in practice that give multilingualism and multiple affiliation a voice and a public?

Interbiblio, the umbrella organisation of intercultural libraries in Switzerland, held a conference on these questions on 19 March 2019. This publication makes the contributions of the conference and further reflections available to an interested professional audience.
From mid-June it will also be possible to order the brochure.


pdfPulication : espaces de vies multilingues et diversifiés en tant que ressources (FR)


pdfPublikation: Mehrsprachige und vielfältige Lebenswelten als Ressource (DE)


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